Sunday, May 3, 2009

MGMT, a summer (almost) too late

Well, I'm not sure how wise it is to read too closely, or closely at all, into the lyrics for the immortal (clich├ęd term, but I think they've earned it) Time to Pretend, but these days, wondering how long I can make it in the technicolor jungle of Williamsburg / Greenpoint, I do find myself missing Mom, Dad, sis, and the silences and ruminative rambles of home, even if they did take place on not-too-far city streets, on the way to clubs and bookstores that led, I guess, to NYC. Good for MGMT to address, however couched within a tongue-in-cheek song, the need to leave behind home and family for, um, vomit.

Lemonheads 4-Eva

A simple, summary, and summery thought that this lapsed Boston boy had this afternoon while organizing his (okay, let's ditch the self-referential second person and just keep it really real) cds: If I liked all my cds as much as I liked the Lemonheads's It's a Shame about Ray, I wouldn't get rid of a single one. Hey ya.